Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Panda, Panda, PANDA?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?

A new pet story for you. To start with, a little background. Panda is our 2.5 lb bunny (to learn more about him, including his rescue story go here). He is a "house bunny" which means that he is litter box trained and is free to roam (most of) the house when we are home. When we are gone we have a 4 foot by 4 foot dog exercise pen that we've converted into a cage for him. Some people will let rabbits run all the time, but I have found with the 3 I have had that they become quite destructive if given the entire house as their "cage" and that it is safer for them (bunnies have a propensity to chew on power cords and despite the fact that I have always done my best to bunny proof, you just never know!) to have a "room" of their own. My buns have always loved their cage - it really is like their bedroom. They will "bun about" the apartment for a few hours then return to the cage to flop out/ lay down for a while.

Usually when Panda is out he's either in the office laying under the cat tree or between the tires of our bikes - these are his "spots". He has, however, put himself into tighter spots as he can fit behind the stove, refrigerator, etc. with his slight size! We've bunny proofed all things unforeseen by this point so when he "disappeared" the other day you can imagine my worry!

It started off with a "Hmm, where's Panda?" walk through the apartment. Then it was a "Hmm, he's not in his normal spots." Walk back through. After 4 or so laps I became worried, after 6 or so I started shouting for him and was just about to overturn furniture when I saw a flash of black in the office:

Panda had jumped up in the cat tree and was laying on the sleeper! The little devil!

He was very proud of himself. It was really adorable and actually such a relief to find him that I couldn't be mad. He gave me that "What's all the yelling about, I've been right here the whole time?" look. I wasn't sure that he'd be able to safely get down (bunnies don't have depth perception) so helped him down to the floor where he belongs!


  1. How on earth . . . ? That bunny must have some superior hopping skills. He's so cute! I want a bunny, but I'm afraid Kizzy would harass and/or eat it. He can be very intimidating to other animals.

    When I first saw the title of your post, I thought you meant Panda with Cookie!

  2. Those pictures are super cute! I know the feeling of a missing pet it can scare you to death. Glad you found Panda and in such a cute place.

  3. Oh my what an unbelievably adorable little bun, Kelle! :) heeheehee Awww... I'm glad you found him & he's okay. :D