Sunday, March 8, 2009

Engagement Celebration

We had a wonderful evening and morning celebrating our new engagement! We spent the hour or so after the proposal calling family. The comments were as expected - lots of congratulations and "Not like we didn't expect guys are buying a house together in a few months." Oh, and few, "You aren't pregnant, are you?" comments :) The best was my nephew Brooks who said, "What's engaged?" My sister explained it to him and he said, "Aren't they already that?" "Almost-Uncle" Collier has been around for a long time, ha ha. Brooks understands what dating is and said that after you date someone for a while you kiss them and if you like how they kiss then you get engaged. Well, I guess I like how Collier kisses!

Our evening started out very normal. Screeched to a normal halt :) Kermit vomited in the dining room (he eats too quickly sometimes and promptly throws up, then returns to the bowl to fill his now-empty stomach, this happens a few times a week, ha ha!). So, Collier cleaned that up before we headed out to dinner.

Dinner at Roots

So, after cleaning up the puke, we headed to Roots, a locally owned restaurant in Milwaukee! They get their ingredients locally and their menu changes seasonally. They have a farm near Milwaukee where they sustainably grow their ingredients in the summer, they do their best in the Winter but I believe that some ingredients at that point are shipped in. It's an awesome gourmet restaurant and if you read my engagement story, it was where Coll had planned to propose. It was quite loud when we were there and busy so it was good that he did it how he did! We had a gorgeous table overlooking the Milwaukee skyline which was wonderful!

Coll had mentioned that it was a special night so they allowed us to bring a bottle of Lindemans' Framboise which is pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I enjoy! They do have it on the menu but only seasonally. Our meal was so wonderful! We started with a snack of popcorn dusted with a garlic/ranch type flavor, and a selection of vegetables that was marinated in some sort of acidic juice. We both had soup as an appetizer, mine was an absolutely amazing bean soup with avocado/pomegranate topping, Coll had a turkey tomato stew with coleslaw. They were way more complex than I am describing them :)

For his main course, Coll had amish chicken served on a bed of cornbread/pork belly stuffing with a side of brussels sprouts and topped with BBQ syrup. He said it was quite delicious!

I had Seitan "Meatballs"/spicy tomato stew served on a bed of basmati rice, topped with a carrot/date dressing. The dates were definitely my favorite, they were caramelized and so delicious!

Roots treated Coll and I to a free dessert to congratulate us and help us celebrate our special night which was so wonderful! We chose Creme Brulee as it's my favorite, but only from high-end restaurants where they make it right! It was creamy, delicious...and simply amazing.

A phenomenal evening. Sorry that the photos are so dark - there was a lot of "mood" lighting and I didn't want to use my flash :)

After Dinner

We headed home to watch "Step Brothers" for the 5th time in the last month, we are OBSESSED! Coll said he was pretty tired when we got home so went to lay on the love seat as he said he may fall asleep. I layed on the couch...where I woke up this morning! Coll had woken up in the middle of the night and transferred to the bed but didn't want to wake me. So, we spent our first night as an engaged couple not even sleeping in the same bed! Ha ha. I think that we each saw about 10 mins of the movie, too.

Morning at the Milwaukee Public Market

To further celebrate our engagement, we headed to the Milwaukee Public Market this morning. It's an indoor marketplace with locally owned business places. You can buy fresh fish, cheeses, wine, bread, as well as bakery items and lunch!

We started at the Alterra coffee stand and each got a caffeine fix :) We sampled some cheese curds at the cheese place and then needed to buy a bag of the ranch curds. They are yummy! We wandered a bit and stared at all the lovely items, then got lunch at the sandwich/salad/juice shop. It was so delish! We got the Kiss Me cookie featured at the top of this post as well as two Red Velvet Cupcakes to go. I'm not excited for my weigh-in tomorrow, ha ha. But you only get engaged once (well, hopefully!), so I splurged!


  1. Sounds like fun except the throw up part. Collier looks a little like my little brother. We love Step Brothers too! That movie makes me laugh every time. Stupid never gets old.

  2. what a good looking couple you two are! sounds like a fun night...and i never remember much from stepbrothers cause i was laughing the whole time!