Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm here!

I must apologize for the extremely scattered posts lately. But let me explain why I'm so busy and haven't been tending to my blog (or my shop) as I should!

Collier and I have both been incredibly busy since match day. Not only have I been working 10-12 hour days, but I've been trying to get everything in order for our move to Phoenix - at an extremely rapid pace! I am very pleased to announce that we obtained pre-approval for an FHA mortgage this week, and we also have a realtor who is busting her butt for us in Phoenix to find us a great place! I will be traveling down for 3 days in early April to check out the places we think are a far we've got 10 homes on our short list, 4 of which we're really excited about!

Of course having a few things on ones plate is never enough, we're also planning for our short-term moves! I'm currently living amongst cardboard boxes...ugh.

I am amazed to notice how my lack of attention to my Etsy shop and all that goes with it have affected views to my shop and sales. It may just be a slow time but I really do think the time put into getting the word out there matters! I just haven't had time this week and things have slowed down quite a bit!

I was featured in one treasury on Etsy this week, a very delightful one I may add!

Clay Dirt by Ozetta

My 4 sampler size soap set was featured in this awesome treasury! I don't know if it was intentional but I chuckled for a second while I appreciated the irony of soap being in a treasury with "dirt" in the title! Everyone should check out Ozetta's Etsy shop, she's got some wonderfully posh scarves and cowls up for grabs!!

Speaking of scarves and cowls, it is currently snowing here. At the end of March. I give up, Arizona here we come!!

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  1. you have been missed =o) I'm so excited for you guys!!! can't wait to hear how the house hunting & viewing goes for'll be nice weather when you go down in April