Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battle of the Bulge - week 7

Well, this is little delayed as I really did check in on Monday, but I thought my birthday post deserved a full day of glory at the top of the blog :)

My current weight: 170.4
My current BMI: 24.4 (normal!!!)
Pounds lost so far: 14.6
Days of Cardio this week: 3
Days of Yoga this week: 0
Days of Strength training this week: 2

So this week went well! I lost 3.6 lbs since last week, but like I said last week I think that weight was a bit elevated due to me eating too much at my niece's birthday pot-luck :) And for the first time in a few months (or several months?) my BMI is once again in the normal range!! Not only that but I feel more energetic, my clothes are fitting better and Collier commented this week that I am lookin good! I am not there yet, but I'm making good progress and I'm proud of that.

The thing I still need to work on is finding time to exercise. Now that the weather is nicer again we've been walking Kermit quite a bit. Of course living in Phoenix will help as the weather will be more temperate on average but we're going to have to figure out how to avoid the heat! In April one of my goals is to start to incorporate exercise back into my life more and more so it's more of a reflex than a chore.

Weight loss tip of the week:
Watch out for liquid calories!! So many processed beverages now are full of sugar, including those healthy flavored water beverages that are so popular right now. Full of sugar = full of calories! I had the great fortune to work with a wonderful bariatric surgeon during Medical School. Many of his tips have stuck with me the past two years. One of the things I will never forget is when he looked at me when I was telling him about a patient's diet and how I just didn't understand how she got so obese and he said dryly, "Did you ask her how much soda she drinks a day?" He said that he has patients who will drink multiple 2-liter bottles of soda a day. It doesn't feel the same as eating a giant piece of cheesecake but the effect is much the same. Moreover, processed sugars and caffeine really aren't great for your body!

If you crave flavored water why not buy a lemon and cucumber at the store and put a slice of each in your water. It's yummy, fresh, and calorie free! If you have to drink soda, drink diet. These little changes could have a huge impact on your weight loss!


  1. I am totally loving my body bugg (
    that is the thing they use on the biggest loser. As a life long dieter I can say this thing totally rocks! I actually can see what I am burning vs what I am eating which helps. Let me tell you this thing has made me go ahead and workout even when I wasn't in the mood just so I could make my numbers for the day. It is like a game :P

  2. I'm so glad you're sharing all this. I'm trying to lose weight right now and it's always god to see proof that it's possible, without having to be on TV show.