Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Gorgeous Afternoon Off!

Collier and I were both lucky enough to get done with work early today so had a little family time. Well, Kermit time I suppose :) We took him down to our favorite park in Milwaukee - it is technically Grant Park but it's the Seven Bridges area that we love. It is a wooded area with seven bridges (big surprise there) over a small river and many hiking trails - a few of which lead to a beach on Lake Michigan! We take Kermit there a lot in the summer as he loves to swim and chase his water Wubba. We've never gone this close to winter though, and we were met with a surprise!

The beach has been replaced with a giant ice shelf. It was really immense. Kermit is so used to swimming at this beach that he just about jumped in - we saw and screamed at him so he learned pretty quickly that this is a no-no, but kept testing it...very nerve wracking!

The natural formations were so amazing.

It reminded me of a canyon, only it was carved in a matter of months, not years.