Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Week's Etsy Features!

It has been a CRAZY busy weekend, we also didn't have internet all of Saturday, so I didn't get this out on Saturday...but let's just pretend I did. I post-dated it so in a few weeks we won't ever know, it can be our little secret, right?

Clean Colors of Spring by StephanieK

This awesome B&B treasury was created by fellow EGCG member, StephanieK, and featured my Strawberry Fields (Forever) bar! She creates amazing perfumes, room sprays, bath salts, lip balms, etc. Definitely check her shop out by clicking on her name above - it soothes me just "walking in".

Etsyveg Team by LuluBugJewelry

This bright and cheery treasury was created by new EtsyVeg team member, LuluBugJewelry, and featured my The Golden Afternoon bar - immediately next to a delicious cupcake I might add. I was a BIT jealous ;-) I checked out LuluBugJewelry's shop and blog after she joined and she instantly went into my hearts - I couldn't resist after seeing this on her blog. I don't know if I will want custom Panda jewelry in the future but if I do I know where I'm getting it!

Found browsing through Etsy's Categories by Etsy Admin

Etsy Admin chose me for two front page features this week, I am incredibly honored by this! The first is above, and features my 4 bar pack. The second featured my 7 bar pack but the screen shot hasn't been uploaded onto Flickr so that's as much as I know. A fellow EtsyVeg team member alerted me to the feature and a customer who purchased that item said she saw me there - so I know it's real (I even pinched myself, ha ha), I just don't have any pretty visual proof :)

Another fabulous week! My shop 27% off sale went really well, I was able to share my birthday and engagement excitement with several people!

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