Monday, March 9, 2009

Product I LOVE #3 - Shenzi's Snuggle Bed

I bought Shenzi a new snuggle bed for Christmas this year. She had a ratty old one that Panda had chewed/peed on that I put next to the radiator at some point and she adopted it as a favorite place to lay. She NEVER laid in it before, but it's all about location, location, location for these things, I suppose! She's a warmth-seeker so having a bed right next to a radiator = prime real estate. The thought of my princess sleeping half the day in a ratty bed didn't sit well with me so as soon as I saw these awesome beds by CraftSmith I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately for me, the beds made it in a few features around the holiday season and sold the instant she listed one...I was lucky enough to see this bed which is the PERFECT color combo for our brown and red living room and wanted to snatch it up immediately!

I wanted it to be as comfy as possible so convoed prior to purchase and asked about the possibility of adding a pillow in the bottom. So Shenzi has a handmade bed with a wonderful pillow - brown fleece on one side and that fluffy white fleece on the other!

I will admit, it took her a little while to warm up to the new bed. It is a bit more stiff than her old one (but very flexible if she lays into the sides...she just needed to realize that!), and a slightly different shape. She didn't use it much at first but over the past 2 months has totally adopted the bed as her own and can be found there at least half of any given day.

The bed is incredibly well-crafted, the pillow is as well. The little hand-made catnip toy was in the parcel with the bed on arrival - CraftSmith's name and URL were sewn on to it - an ingenious idea as many of the business cards I received during the holiday season have found their way into the recycling but the cats still love their catnip square so it's staying!

All in all, this was a great purchase! Shenzi has a bed fit for the princess that she is, the transaction was seamless, shipping was fast (I got the bed before Christmas despite ordering outside the "safe" window AND having a pillow custom-made!), and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Now, does your kitty need a new bed?!


  1. Oh my. I swear I never peed on your cat's bed.

  2. Ha ha, thanks for the laugh, Lisa :)