Friday, March 6, 2009

Soap Makeover - Neroli Lemon!

I made a new batch of Neroli Lemon last week - this bar is an old fave of mine, and a new fave of others! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it again in these next 10 new bars I'm coming out with but then I had an order which consisted of 4 of my current bars and 5 of Neroli Lemon "when I make them". Well...that answered that dilemma!


The best thing about this bar is that the scent sticks on your skin for 2-3 times longer than my normal soaps. Soap really is meant to clean and be washed away, the scent going with it. Most of my bars will scent the skin somewhat but only for a few hours. My sister said it best when she said that with the Neroli Lemon she showers before work, and when she changes when she gets home she can still smell the lemon on her skin! You can tell when we have it on our shower as I will obsessively smell my arm all day :)


Neroli Lemon is an essential oil/fragrance oil blend. Real Neroli essential oil is extremely expensive so the Neroli I use is blended with fragrance oils. The lemon is straight up lemon essential oil - fruity and citrusy without smelling like a bottle of Mr. Clean :)

For my new batch of Neroli Lemon I cut down a bit on the lemongrass and only put it in the green layer. With my sensitive skin some of the medium to high exfoliant level soaps that I make can be a bit too scratchy. Collier loves them with his rougher skin, but I have erred on the side of making my soaps smoother with a touch of exfoliant. This one should be a good mix. I decided to make layers with this bar instead of pressing lemongrass in the top - the green layer was colored with rosemary powder, the top was just left as is - the lemon essential oil gives it a bit of a yellowish tinge. I love the new look, and will forever love the scent. A friend on twitter said it sounds like sunshine in a bar and it really does :)

I will be posting this bar for sale in my Etsy Shop on or around 3/21/09 when fully cured!

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  1. I am a citrus junkie I may need to try this one. Most of the time I go for Orange but I love lemon and one of my all time favorite soaps ever was lime. The soapmaker I bought it from is not making it for her etsy shop so I wont be getting it anymore. So maybe Lemon can replace it. I have 10 bars in my bathroom drawer and 3 in my shower so I will have to hold off for a little bit. :)