Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sneak Peek - Panda-Man's Anise Musk

I have been absolutely terrible about blogging this week! I returned from Phoenix very very early Tuesday morning (read 12:30 am or so!), and just haven't found the time. I have some photos of Phoenix to share, but otherwise have been getting things together around the apartment in preparation for taking Kermit to my sister's house as they will be watching him while we are gone (my parents are watching the cats and Panda!), and my two upcoming weeks of travel.

I found time last night to make a batch of soap, and am planning to make another tonight - it's already midnight and I just want to go to bed, but I'm kind of committed at this point - if I don't make it tonight I won't be around to take it out of the mold! It's ok though - certainly not the first late or all nighter I've pulled in my lifetime!

The batch I made last night is tentatively called Panda-Man's Anise Musk. I might just go with Anise Musk, but we shall see!

It is a rather boring looking bar with a complex scent. The only extra I added other than fragrance is oatmeal. The scent is a combination of Anise, ginger/amber, and musk. I am interested to see what Collier thinks when he gets his nose on it tomorrow - I think it's probably the most man friendly bar I've made since Eucalyptus and Wasabi. My goal was to make a no-fuss no-muss kind of bar for a real tough guy.

Oooh, what a perfect time to officially introduce the inspiration! Since I'm waiting for lye to come down in temp anyway...


Panda is my 2.5 pound bunny - he's a true mutt of the bunny land, we think he's mixed somewhat with netherland dwarf, silver marten, and dutch. Maybe. I adopted him from the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society in 2004 as a roomie for Kiara. He was actually on loan from the WI HRS until Kiara decided he would be ok, it took about 4 months for me to finally convince them that living together wouldn't be so bad. It took maybe a year of living together before they finally fell in love. When Panda first moved in was also about the same time that Kiara was developing cataracts which subsequently turned into glaucoma. She was able to do ok with two eye drops and lots of love, but I think Panda really made her days something special. She passed away in May and I miss her terribly. Panda adapted well to not having her, I'm not entirely convinced that he was as bonded to her as she was him.

At any rate, prior to living here, Panda spent about a year at the WI HRS. He was there when I adopted my first bunny, and I thought he was the cutest thing! So little and SO curious. He was rescued from my hometown, the story as I understand it is that a woman living there opened her doors and set her home on fire. Apparently there were many animals, including bunnies, in the house - so the WI HRS went to the neighborhood and spent hours collecting the bunnies. Panda was a baby then so needed to be hand-fed, my understanding is that baby bunnies need to be fed at least once an hour if not sooner - so as you can imagine it was a lot of work! The Vet kept saying that Panda was so small that he wouldn't make it but he did. If they knew him as an adult they would never have doubted him. He's the most stubborn and demanding pet in the house. His favourite place is the loft on his cage - he spends half the day up there and will grunt and lunge at anyone who comes near. Very charming, ha ha. I wouldn't have him any other way.

One question I always get is how do the animals all do together? Aka "don't the cats eat the bunny?" Well, no, actually our household hierarchy is quite the opposite. Panda's the head honcho around these parts. When he is lonely he will go to Zazu as he knows Zazu will stay near him. When he wants to play he runs toward Shenzi then turns and darts away as he knows she will chase him. And he doesn't seem to care for Kermit much, but also has no fear. Our multi-species household is not much of a challenge anymore. The pets all figured out how to interact with each other and we just have to be half-alert for the very very occasional break in that order. But that is usually a cat (always Shenzi) out for dog blood situation, never to do with Panda. He's really scary for a little guy.

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