Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sorry about the Blog-cation!

I've been bad - very bad. I said on my Etsy page that I would continue to update my blog while on vacation. But I didn't! Honestly traveling took more time and effort than I thought it would and I decided against updating on the road. In the past few weeks I've been to Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Norfolk Virginia, and Charlotte. Along with home to pick up the cats and Panda. I'm now back in Milwaukee and ready to delve into this blog thing headfirst again :)

I still have one week of vacation left which I'm thoroughly enjoying! Trying to get my life organized - from taking things we no longer want/need (and thus aren't likely to want to move with us in May!) to charity, to getting my finances in order, to working on the Etsy store and this blog and opening a Flickr account.

Speaking of my Etsy store, I re-opened shop as a "soft opening" on Friday as I didn't have the time or energy that day to list new items. I started listing items on Sunday and have a few new things to offer:

The Garden

This newbie is probably one of my favourites. Its scent is complex but smells mostly like a sweet melon (and so much more!). We took a bar of this on vacation with us and I loved every minute of every shower I took :) It was made to honor my Dad's vegetable garden...but honestly smells nothing like it which I'm ok with! Love it.

Anise Musk

So I decided to go with Anise Musk for this one instead of "Panda-Man's Anise Musk". I figured it was more straightforward. The bar itself carries a fairly strong black licorice scent (our apartment has smelled of anise for the past few weeks!), but in the shower it smells a bit more musk-y which I think is nice. This is definitely a niche bar - Coll doesn't care for the smell of anise but put it best when he said that it's something someone will be crazy about and buy 5 bars at a time. It's not something for everyone, but I like it.

7 bar pack

And finally the newest way to save money on my soaps - the 7 bar pack. I wanted to make sure this was my best deal so have offered free shipping on this item to US customers, and discounted all international shipping by $5 ($6 to Canada, $8 internationally!). I chose 7 bars because that's what I can fit in a flat rate envelope and it made sense to make a separate listing for it so customers can get the most bang for their buck :)


  1. Ha ha, yay! I'm going to try to get a photo of him with a cookie. How ironic ;-)

  2. Love the 7 bar pack idea. I always look for the deal when I am soap shopping. You are on my to buy from list. :)
    I think I am giving up on wool covered soap I have removed the wool from every bar I take into the shower after a few days because I feel like I am not getting enough soap. Maybe if I used a glycerin bar from Bath & Body I might like it better but as it is right now I feel like I am not getting my monies worth from the wonderful handmade bars I am using. I am going to try using less wool next time if that doesn't work I am throwing in the towel.

  3. I think my trials of felting soaps may actually be ending. I found, like you did (Laura), that it is frustrating to use felted soap in the shower as it doesn't lather easily. I did find in my trials that it is awesome in a bath, though. If you are able to keep it wet (as in a bath) it lathers like crazy without using up a lot of the soap.

    I might continue to make some for our house and for my Mom to be used solely in a bath, but I don't think I will sell them - I'll focus on creating more non "furry soap" (my BF has taken to calling it "the furry soap" - nice).