Saturday, January 3, 2009

A bag o' fur

I thought I would update from Midway airport in Chicago as I have a half an hour or so before my flight takes off. I've had quite the morning - missing my flight in Milwaukee due to my misunderstanding of the whole 3 oz product container rules (I haven't flown for a while!). I missed my flight by 2 my options were to take a flight later in the morning to Atlanta and then wait stand-by for flights to Phoenix (which were all over-sold through tomorrow), or to check with other airlines and find if there were other alternatives that would still get me there today. SO, I ended up going with a flight out of Chicago with a layover in Denver. Collier came to pick up my larger bottles and transfer some of the product to smaller 3 oz bottles, we had breakfast, and I took the bus later in the morning. I'm hoping the rest of the day goes off without a hitch. I was going to go hiking today in Phoenix but I will have to delay that until tomorrow. Live and learn, and now I will be well-prepared for my other flights this month!

I got a parcel in the mail yesterday from Uniquely Yours! She is a fiber supplier on Etsy based in Michigan. She is the nearest fiber supplier I could find to Milwaukee who obtains her fibers locally and has them all processed locally. I ordered 4 oz of Alpaca from her as I am testing felted soap as a potential addition to my line. I like the idea of soap with a built-in washcloth that shrinks with use. I made my first bar last night - it's drying right now and Coll and I will begin testing when I get back. It's SO soft, I love it. I'm not sure Alpaca will be the right fiber to use, I see it done mostly with sheep wool but we shall see. I've also ordered some sheep fiber to try that as well. Eventually my friends/family members will receive a bar in the mail to try, ha ha...hopefully if I'm going to add these to my line they will be available in late spring/early summer once I perfect the method, find a consistent supplier, etc. Yay!

I had to laugh, though, yesterday. With 4 pets in the house we deal with a LOT of fur on a daily basis and I opened the package and realized that it was a bag of fur...and had to laugh. Granted it was shipped fast and in super cute packaging, but I am ordering something that is in ABUNDANCE in our home! Unfortunately I don't think people would be too excited about a Kermit felted soap....not quite the same idea.


  1. I have been working on Felted soap myself. I was so jazzed with the idea but now not so much. I think Merino wool has worked the best. I can't wait to hear how the alpaca works out. The problem I am finding is the lather is gone quickly so you have to keep lathering the bar. Seems like you spend more time working up the lather then you do washing. I am going to keep working on it because felted soap is so pretty. Good luck with yours!

  2. I love felted soap. It's a great way to find new life for slightly ugly bars. =)