Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Three things I love on this Christmas Eve!

1) The USPS

Those are presents for our mail carrier and the once a week sub. Why? Because they are AWESOME! We actually had a parcel stolen from our mailbox earlier this year (a sound conditioner aka noise machine I'd purchased from and the manager of the local post office called me to discuss. Luckily, it was covered under Amazon's guarantee so they sent us another at no charge to us. Unfortunately we live along a highly traveled road just down the street from a middle school so we have a lot of local adolescents walking by - most of whom are very well-behaved, but whoever took the package obviously was not! At any rate, since that time they don't leave anything that would impede the mailbox from being completely closed (meaning anything larger than a flat envelope) and will always ring the doorbell with anything larger.

The second part to why I love the USPS and why I chose them to ship my parcels is that they ACTUALLY DELIVER when they say they will! Collier ordered a gift for his Dad that is to be delivered by FedEx Home Delivery and it has been rescheduled now for FOUR DAYS due to weather. I understand that they can't move as quickly with the snow, but it's a gift and if we don't get it today it's kind of pointless. Of course we can give it late, but the fun of Christmas is everyone opening their gifts with loved ones! The USPS, on the other hand, delivered two parcels for me yesterday. With a smile! I love them.

2) My awesome customers!

This is a new one for me this year as I've never really had my OWN customers before!

This is a photo attached to feedback from my first ever international customer! She contacted me after receiving her order and let me know that I checked the incorrect box on the customs form (which I greatly appreciated as I really didn't know which to choose!) and to check "other", and left wonderful feedback today including that awesome photo. It is people like her who make those hours stirring oils and lye together worthwhile. Everyone has been so receptive and kind about my new soap business, I just appreciate that so much.

3) My Family!!
Last but certainly not least, I adore my family (along with Collier's who are not technically "mine" yet but I think they and I would all say that the legal documentation doesn't really matter!) We are seeing Collier's family over the next two days, and we will see mine on New Years. I am SO excited to have time to relax with everyone. This is my third Christmas with Coll and his family, the first one was 2004, now 2007 and 2008! I am also so grateful for our wonderful pets and the fact that they have acclimated to all living together so well.

And finally, I am SO in love with my wonderful Collier. He makes my world go round some days - lately he's been carting me around after work to do all of my errands as my car is SO terrible in snow. Last night he took me to the paper store so I could buy paper for my new soaps, and then helped me dig out my car so I could move it to the other side of the street. He is very good to me, I couldn't have ever imagined or wished for someone this special. I got him a very very special gift this year, I think I am more excited about him opening it than he is (mostly because he has no idea what it is!). It took me a solid 4-5 hours to put together and wrap on Sunday. I will take photos and hopefully post them in the next few days. YAY!

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