Saturday, December 6, 2008

The post that's been way too long coming thus is too overwhelming to write.

The title says it all. I NEED to blog. I've got exciting things to talk about! And I will, I promise, I will blog soon. In the meantime, check out my Etsy shop: .

I took a bunch of new photos today after learning how to use the macro function on my camera (which is truly a huge time-saver and my photos all came out super nice!). I changed many of my primary photos so my shop has a slightly different look to it. Since I've changed it I've gotten a ton of new hearts, made a few is amazing just what great photos will do for you on Etsy. I posted in a forum to encourage others to read their camera manuals, because one page of my manual was the difference between ok photos and awesome photos for me.

I've also got a few new items out there: A Pineapple Under the Sea, The Golden Afternoon, a 4 bar sampler of my 4 oz soaps, and a pack of 4 sample sizes for people to try. I will try to post about those soon!

I also need to post about all the wonderful things I've purchased on Etsy. And I will. All in good time!

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