Saturday, December 20, 2008

A soapy update

It's about time I talked about what is new in my soapy world! I actually haven't had much going on, to be honest. I am lucky in that my boyfriend braved the weather to drive me to the post office yesterday to ship my last order for the holiday season out. He also drove me to pick up new packaging supplies and to get my prescriptions! He likes to drive in the snow - and my car was stuck where I'd parked it worked out well! Things in the Etsy shop have been pretty slow, I think most people (like myself) are kind of shopped out! Since this is my first year selling, I'm not sure if I will see a resurgence in orders for the post-holiday times, but I am likely going to put my shop on vacation for at least a week and a half while I'm traveling the country for interviews, so my guess is I won't have my shop open enough to really know!

I am currently featured in another Treasury! This one is called Simple Style and was created by Caitlin Plein. It's a gorgeous mix of magenta/gold/rich purples, I love it and am very honored to be a part of it:

Clearance Sale!
One little tidbit of news is that I am clearancing out my Neroli Lemon and Eucalyptus and Wasabi bars. The prices as marked are 25% off their former price (from $4 to $3!). These are my 3 oz bars that I was making prior to selling my soap and after deciding to sell I bought a new mold and have a new system that makes my current 4 oz bars. I also developed a new wrapping and labeling system that incorporates my shop theme and ingredients on the back. My sister just wrote me yesterday saying she likes the new soaps so much more because of all those things and I have to agree! I might continue to make Neroli Lemon in the future, but first I need to get these 3 oz bars out of my storage area!

Ideas for the Future
I am thinking it would be beneficial for me to have a "line" of certain soaps that I always keep in stock. I didn't want to do this initially because mixing scents and botanicals and natural colorants is my favorite thing about soaping! But, each batch only makes 25 bars and I think it is scary for people to buy a bar they've not smelled before! I am thinking of having 5-10 constant soaps that I continually re-make and then do a few limited editions at all times so I can continue to be creative! Right now I've got 4 more completely new soaps to make, then I might have to take a poll as to what other people would like to see me continue to make! I pretty much know Mom's Holiday Kitchen is out as that's not an all year round bar, but people really seem to love that bar so perhaps it will become a holiday limited edition on a yearly basis! So much to think about :)

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