Sunday, December 7, 2008

Newest soaps

Well, I'm finally getting around to this! I have been so busy trying to get caught up around the house and with my life here that I have been letting things like this slide!

I've posted 4 new items since I last updated. Here's a bit about each of them:

The Golden Afternoon

I made this bar because I wanted to recreate some of the scents of my childhood - lilac and fresh laundry will always remind me of my Mom and Dad's house. Put the two together and you have a warm, floral, summery bar. I love it! I put Calendula (dried marigold flowers) in this one which is appropriate as my Mom always had marigolds when I was little - they grew well in the direct sunlight in her front flower garden.

A Pineapple Under the Sea

This bar might have the most non-illustrious beginning of any I will ever make. I was sitting down to think of soap ideas and after coming up with Mom's Holiday Kitchen I got stuck. I'm a huge Spongebob nut and happened to be writing on my Spongebob notepad. I started thinking of smells that made me think Spongebob when the idea for this soap came into my head. I found a great Pineapple fragrance and combined that with sea moss fragrance. It sounds strange (this was the bar I was more worried about than any other prior to smelling the fragrances together!), but it's really awesome. I separated out some of the soap at trace and made peaks at the top of this one...trying to recreate the look of waves on the sea. It ended up looking more like mountains which is ok, too, ha ha.

I also posted a 4 bar sampler for my new bars which will all be about 4 oz in size from here on out.

And finally, the ever so popular 4 pack of sample sized soaps.

So, that's pretty much what's been going on! I'm trying to get caught up with everything in life and around the house and am hoping to make another batch of soap in the next few days! I will try to snap a photo in the mold before I cover it all up - I've got a pretty good idea on what I want to name this one but nothing is set in stone yet. It's going to be a goooooood one!

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