Thursday, December 11, 2008

Products I LOVE #1 - Cards from Clever Hands Press!!!

First of all, the treasury listed below with my sample size soap pack was on the front page tonight! Unfortunately I didn't see it and by the time I figured out something was up with the sales and new hearts coming in it was off the front page. But cool nonetheless - my first time featured!

But enough about me! Time to talk about some of the other wonderful, talented folk on Etsy! I must admit - I've been doing my fair share of buying on Etsy as well as selling :) I thought my blog would be a nice place to talk about what I REALLY think of the items I buy!

The first I will talk about is 3 sets of thank you cards I purchased from CleverHandsPress. I was in Indiana for an interview and thought that I should send Thank You's to the nice people who took the time to speak with me. I've got 8 interviews across the US and at each about 2-4 people speak with me so I needed at least 30 cards. I thought that a handmade card from Etsy would be so much nicer than something you buy from the store!

I searched for an hour or so before deciding on 3 sets of cards from CleverHandsPress.

The first I chose was a set with two elephants...I had spoken with someone that day about a program in Kenya and thought what better a thank you to send than one with elephants? All of the text (Thank You) was added as a custom request for me. The cards usually come without text.

I also thought the Bamboo cards were gorgeous and LOVE them with the Thank You!

And last but not least, I bought a beautiful floral card that reminds me of summer :)

I really enjoyed working with CleverHandsPress. We convo'd back and forth quite a bit the night I placed my order as she is in St. Louis and I was heading there directly from Indy and we were trying to get the details of my order all ironed out so I could pick up from her directly. She met me in St. Louis to hand-deliver the cards (no shipping charges!) and the transaction was all in all wonderful! Her pricing was very fair and she was super easy to work with. The cards are super professional - on a heavy cardstock with slightly raised print. The envelopes are also really beautiful. I can't recommend buying from CleverHandsPress more highly!

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