Sunday, December 21, 2008

A great last minute gift idea for the Animal-lover in your life!

The humane society in Milwaukee has a program where you can sponsor an animal that is in their shelter by sending a donation. They then post on their "Angels" page that you sponsored the cat/dog with your message. This is one of the things Collier got me for Christmas this year! I knew about it a week or so ago as he put my name for the contact info and an email receipt was immediately sent to me. Oops! I actually almost called the humane society telling them I didn't make a donation and that they must be mistaken, but then saw Coll's sweet note :)

What a great gift idea for the animal lover who doesn't really need or want anything, though! The cat they assigned to Coll's donation is "Buttons". He was adopted well before I figured out the angels page thing, otherwise I was thinking of taking him some special toys for his stay! But he will have a holiday in a new home which is SO much better.

Oh, and I don't really want 20 cats. I promise. I just love them.

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