Monday, December 22, 2008

Kermit bundles up

It's been really cold in Milwaukee - on my way to work this morning they said it was 0 degrees and with the wind chill a whopping -25. From what I understand this cold front is sweeping the nation.

Because of the cold, I haven't taken Kermit for a walk since our trip to the puppy park on Saturday. Even taking him out to go poop on Sunday, he actually layed down on the sidewalk because he was too cold to move. This from the dog that can not get enough of snow and winter!

So, when I was at work today, I was talking with the doctor I'm working with this month about Kermit's anti-wind chill attitude and he said his dogs were faring about the same. I told him I'd considered buying him little boots to wear but know we are hoping to move somewhere warmer and don't want to spend a lot of money on something that he won't get any use of in the future, and he told me that they used to just put socks on their dogs! I figured it was worth a shot if only to see if he tolerated wearing footwear.

So I did it.

I put socks on each leg with a headband to hold them on. Unfortunately, the front ones came off in a giant snowbank (which was fun for me as I was the lucky victim who had to dig through and try to find them!), but the back ones stayed on! We ended up going for a 20 minute or so walk (see first photo) and Kermit was SO happy! No laying down this time - with his coat and his gloves he was fine!

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