Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just like in Kitchens across the country...

Sometimes I realize that having pets is not SO drastically different from having human children. Every time I make anything in the kitchen (aside from soap - the pets know they have to STAY OUT when I'm soaping!), they whole crew aside from Panda is right there. Watching my every move, waiting for me to give them something or maybe even if they're lucky, LICK THE BOWL!!

Today was no exception. I made Peppermint Bark this morning and Kermit followed me like a hawk. Once it was out of the bowl they were ALL begging for a lick.

Kermit even walked on his back feet for about 6 feet trying to get to the elusive bowl.

So, really - not so different from human children?

It continues to snow here. We got a few more inches today, and are supposed to get 3-6 more inches tonight into tomorrow. Yuck. Collier and I are still planning to go to his family's Christmases which are about an hour and a half away - the first of which will be tomorrow evening. I hope we are able to make it. Enough is enough with the snow! I need spring!!

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