Saturday, February 21, 2009

This week's Etsy Features!

This was a grand week for Kelle's Kitchen on Etsy! I doubt I'll have another like this for a long time.

Cosa Que Dudo Treasury
This gorgeous treasury was created by Etsy user DoYouFeelTheScent

Category Search Etsy Front Page (2/16/09)
This awesome front page was created by Etsy Admin by searching through the categories!

Oatmeal Etsy Front Page (2/17/09)
I was lucky enough to have my 7 bar pack chosen for this front page feature by Etsy Admin!

Pampering...just add hot water Gift Guide
2/17/09 was a great day for my shop! My seven bar pack was also selected to be a part of the Pampering...just add hot water Gift Guide on Etsy! I am amongst some awesome items from fellow B&B creators, some of which are also a part of the Etsy Green and Clean Guild!

I was also lucky enough for a few hours to be the second item listed in the gift guide so would sporadically appear on the front page, it was great! Look in the top left corner :)

Artificial Light
This beauty was made by NYCrochet who is a fellow member of EtsyVeg! It was a team treasury and an absolute beauty!


  1. Congrats! That is an absolutely wonderful week - I'm so happy for you! Don't weeks like this make everything seem worthwhile ... just recognition that you're doing something right and people appreciate your product, your photography, your work? Way to go!

  2. It really does provide some sort of validation. Makes me feel special I suppose :)