Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Battle of the Bulge - week 1

My current weight: 182
My current BMI: 26.1 (overweight)
Days of Cardio this week: 4
Days of Yoga this week: 0
Days of Strength training this week: 0

Well, I met my goal this week and lost 3 lbs! Yay! Reverting back to my healthier diet was a bit difficult at first but ultimately I feel that I have more energy and am more optimistic about things in general which is great. Of course there is room to improve - I need to work on including more cardio in my life somehow, and also need to start including yoga/stretching and strength training somewhere. But I forgive myself for not meeting my lofty goals during the first week, and I also forgive myself for the 3 meals I ate this week that were higher in calorie than I should have eaten. Life happens and thus any lifestyle that is realistic to maintain in the long run must be flexible enough to allow me to live!

Weight Loss Tip of the Week:
Eating small amounts of many types of lower calorie foods (diverse meals) can help you feel more full. Try it for yourself. Pour a bowl of your favorite cereal (a big bowl) - enough cereal and milk to account for approximately 400 calories. The following day, try the following meal which is approximately 400 calories as well: 1 cup cereal, 3/4 cup milk, 2 tbsp walnuts, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, small fruit (banana, orange, apple, etc.) Which meal makes you feel more full? The second meal also offers a larger variety of vitamins and minerals than the first. Now that's healthy eating :)

Well, that's it for this week! I am looking forward to another great week of a healthier lifestyle. I plan to make a great vegetarian meal for Coll and I for Valentine's day. I'd rather avoid the restaurants on that day and a cozy night at home is just what we need :)

**Goal weight for next week: 179. I would also like to aim for at least 2 days of yoga and 1 day of strength training this week.**


  1. Great inspiration! I lost 20 lbs four years ago and then slowly gained it back, plus a few more. It can be so hard, but I know it's time to try again, and was glad to see this post.

  2. Well done hun that's great. Your tip of the week is a great one. Often people think of low fat healthy food as boring but it just takes imagination. Enjoy your valentines meal, we will also be staying in, healthier and cheaper too!

  3. That's wonderful! Congrats! I wish I ate as well as you do. Some of my favorite things are actually good for you, it just takes time to prepare, which I never seem to have. More accurately, it's the motivation I lack to actually make it. So, kudos and keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Good for you, girl! Way to stay motivated! Losing weight and getting back in shape after having two sweet little boys has been my goals for some time, but sadly I have been unable to motivate myself. Hopefully seeing your success will help provide me that motivation I need. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  5. Congrats!!! I am also working on eating more healthfully but trying not to get to hard on myself when I slip (ummm pizza and cheeze-its are hard to resist ).