Monday, February 9, 2009

Etsy Find: Rooin' in the Rain Coat for Dogs by AcmeCouture

I found this awesome doggy rain-coat on Etsy a few months back and simply had to share! Kermit LOVES wearing coats (I know, he's bizarre) and there have been several times that I have wished we had something for him to wear that would make walks in the rain a bit more practical. I stumbled upon this seller's page, AcmeCouture, a few months ago while making my first treasury. I was looking for a really posh dog coat and found a listing she had for a gorgeous plaid coat which I included in that treasury (which ended up on the front page!). I also saw these rain coats and thought now that's a great idea. Not only will it keep your dog's body dry when you go for a rain-walk, but it has a hood to protect their ears! I intend to buy one for Kermit someday, maybe closer to spring :)

In the photo are Jasper and Lily, the sellers two gorgeous greyhounds who have been retired from racing! A portion of her proceeds go toward dog rescue and greyhound rescue organizations which I think is great! The best part of it all is that all of her coats are handmade to fit your dog's body with your dog's measurements! Which is perfect if you have a dog who's body doesn't quite fit the doggy mold. And in my opinion her prices are extremely reasonable for such a quality item. Check here out here: Acme Couture's Etsy Shop.

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