Saturday, February 14, 2009

This week's Etsy Features!

Check out the awesome ways my soaps were featured on Etsy this week! I am so humbled and flattered whenever anyone chooses my items to be a part of their collection, it is such an honor!

...Inspired by Scones
The first treasury I was featured in this week was created by Jenna Designs. She has an awesome shop full of travel tissue cozies, onesies/baby items, photography, and so much more! She also happens to live just north of Milwaukee and we are currently conspiring to send messages back and forth in bottles. It would certainly help with shipping costs!

The story behind this beauty is that Jenna made scones on Sunday morning, realized the treasury would be opening soon, and decided to make something. She saw the scones and thought hmm, ok. She chose my sampler pack to fit within the color scheme she was going for - how lucky for me?! She has been trying for 2 months to make a treasury that makes it onto the front page and this one did! Congrats Jenna :)


This gorgeous treasury was curated by Monarchdancer who sells fabulous knit items! She was inspired by the painting featured in the middle of the second row called Heartstrings and decided to create a treasury based around it. It was my lucky day as she chose my Strawberry Fields (Forever) to be featured amongst the other gorgeous items.

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  1. I saw that front page and was impressed! They are both wonderful. Happy Valentines day. :)