Monday, February 16, 2009

My Day of LOVE!

I thought I'd share the gifts my honey and I shared with eachother this Valentine's Day. I should preface this by saying that he and I are rather anti-commercial holidays, and he made this statement last week, "I love you EVERY day!" :) Romance is nice every now and then but spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy evening is not romantic for me. We had dinner with friends on Vday evening, it was very nice and relaxing!

Collier's Surprise:
I told him not to get me anything but was surprised to hear the doorbell ring and Coll say "The UPS guy is here" on Saturday. First of all, they don't usually deliver on Saturday, second of all, I actually do receive quite a few packages with soap supplies, etsy purchases, and other things but really couldn't think of anything I was expecting at that time! Well, he came in with an FTD box and was busted! He bought me these gorgeous roses! He said he didn't know what color I like so got a mix. Then he asked and I said...hmm...white maybe? I'm not a big roses person, I like lilies, irises, orchids, all of the gorgeous exotic flowers :) But I have grown roses before and we had a rose bush with gorgeous white roses that were more fragrant than I could have ever imagined. So, I liked those roses but growing them yourself always makes them more special. And I love the roses Coll bought me because they are beautiful, fragrant, and most importantly from him!

My gift to Collier:
I came across this awesome "Peace Crane card" on Etsy and knew I had to get it for Coll. It is from the shop of Unique Art Pendants, she ships a handmade origami crane along with a print on paper to the recipient of your choice. Shipping was super fast and the gift was more unique and meaningful than a card would have been! Coll has it on display right now but said that he wanted to save the box as he plans to save the gift for the long haul - he's not a saver so that's a big deal!

All in all it was a great day. Just the right amount of romance without being too sickeningly sweet :)


  1. Both are wonderful gifts. I am going to have to check out the crane on etsy.