Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Fun!

To celebrate Earth Day yesterday, Kermit and I took a walk in the woods across the street from my parents house. Well, I walked - Kermit bounded and leaped and sprinted! He was SO ecstatic to be in the woods, it was adorable.

I took my camera with me and snapped a lot of photos - some of places that have been special to me since I was quite young, some of interesting finds in the woods and some just of "nature". I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in the natural surroundings and "the woods" was one of our favorite places to be. We played there for hours every day. "The Stream" was a big draw, we had "Table rock" and we were always cautious to avoid "the ant hill" which is really a giant mound of rocks that red ants took over and built a fortress in. I will never forget the day that my brother and I went on the ant hill and ran back to the house with hundreds of ants crawling all over us and biting was not pleasant.

One of our finds was a deer skull. Well, I found it - Kermit was lost in scent land and walked right by it! But after I found it, he found it. I posted more photos on my Flickr page, including the slightly disturbing, "Kermit discovers the skull" photos :)


  1. Ewww. I'm glad you didn't take it home! My boyfriend always wants to bring home skulls he finds in the woods on Long Island. We have a collection of sheep ankle bones he brought back from Mongolia, where they are apparently used as game pieces. We have very different decorating tastes . . . Of course, if you're going to do the whole Southwestern decor thing in Phoenix, there may need to be a longhorn skull involved (don't do it!).

  2. Ha, I didn't even think about bringing it will go back to the earth and create new trees! I don't think we'll have much for southwest decor, at least not the traditional diamonds and skulls, ha ha, maybe the colors. I don't actually *like* the southwest style though I do adore saltillo tile and spanish style houses! But there's a way to do it well and a way to make it tacky. 3 days in New Mexico pretty much cured me of any desire to have a "southwest room" in our home, ha ha.