Sunday, November 16, 2008

Soap of the Month Club

Well, after a few days it's finally here! Ha ha. I've created my Soap of the Month club! I'm very excited as _____ of the month clubs are one of my favourite gift ideas. I was going to give my boyfriend a microbrewery beer of the month club and Kermit a Dog Treat of the Month club when we moved but unfortunately ran completely out of funds :)

Here is one of the photos I took for my Etsy site:

I handmade that hang-tag myself. I was pretty proud until I saw it in the photo and thought hmm...that looks a little rough. So I ended up ordering tags from Crafting on the Court. Sometimes you just have to leave the creating to those who are truly skilled at it. Once I get the tags I will redo the photos...I plan to have an extended outdoor session with all of my new soaps as well! Seeing as it is 33 degrees right now and I don't especially enjoy winter, I'm sure that will be really fun :)

Well, that's all for tonight! I've got a BIG test tomorrow...I've been studying for weeks so am as ready as I'll ever be - just ready to get it over with. I've been taking practice tests on the computer and tonight got my highest score ever so I'm just going to review and be done with it so I can go into the test with confidence! So, that's what I'll be doing for 8 hours tomorrow (ugh!), then am going to meet a potential customer at a coffee shop to give her some samples to try before buying, then off to hopefully spend some time with my best friend while she is in town for an interview!


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