Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mom's Holiday Kitchen

I just posted my Mom's Holiday Kitchen bar on my Etsy Page!!

I love this bar - it smells so wonderful and really quite similar to my Mom's kitchen in December :)

This is the first in my new line, I made these with a new mold and new cutting technique - they are larger than my old bars. I love the new mold - it's long and skinny so the sides of the mold are the sides of the bars - it lets me do much more fun things with the tops of the bars than I could with the old one.

I have 3 other bars that I will be posting for the next few days - once they are all cured I will post a 4 bar sampler pack.

It's back to the drawing board for my lip balm - I am not happy with the way it has been working so will reformulate and try again :)

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