Friday, November 14, 2008

My front page treasury!

Well, I never was able to get the screen shot to work. Luckily I flew into Etsy Chat and Strawberrymoonbeam sent it to me...awesome person! So, here it is - my pride and joy! The theme was "Wanna go for a walk?" with subtitle "Elegant items for the Urban pet lover taking her dog to the park." I had some of the items in my favourites prior to deciding to design a treasury, the inspiration was the posh dog jacket from AcmeCouture which lead me to daydream about how awesome it would be to stroll down the streets of downtown Milwaukee in a chic outfit full of Etsy Handmades. I searched for items and added them all to favourites and thought hey, maybe there's a chance I could get one later today. I took Kermit (the dog) for a my sweatpants and crocs (not so fabulous), and returned with only a few minutes to spare. When it hit 333 I contiuously refreshed until BAM, there it was - my portal to treasury heaven.

I have NO idea why, of all the gorgeous treasuries, it was chosen. I kind of had an idea that maybe something was going on earlier tonight when I looked at the treasury to ensure the items I chose were still available and found some of them moved around. I was a little annoyed - how does that happen? But then I stopped and thought about it and realized that only admins and myself could move things...and if I didn't...maybe they did...which meant maybe they were thinking FP? Apparently so! Thanks SO MUCH admins, you just made my night. And my whole day, really. Etsy people rock.

I am also happy to say that 3 of the items I chose sold while on the front page - a hat from PiperandPaisley that was actually the other 1/2 of my inspiration (and the reason I went "urban" rather than "park"!) sold before the screen shot was taken, the adorable Cat coffee mug cozy sold during the front page, and the gorgeous red cowl with white flower sold right after the treasury was removed from the front page. I hope that the other sellers received lots of hearts and will sell their items in the future! Happy day!


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